Rio De Janeiro - Brasil

Rotterdam - Holand




Schweich - Germany

Rothenburg ob der tauber- Germany


This was the first time that i went to a field to pick flowers, and i loved it!
Unfortunately there were not many flowers because of the season, but i still manage to pick and photograph some of the flowers, and this are my favorites pictures. Tchau

It's amazing how many Vineyards we have around our area, i've never seeing so many, in fact i have never seeing any vineyard until i moved here.
Last week we went for a walk and i took those pictures, and looking at then sometimes i had the impression that they were warrior hahahah funny and cool.
I can't wait until the grapes start to grow!!


Paris- France

Frankfurt Temple - Germany

Trier- Germany

Back in december 2010 we went to London, Ansgar had his Graduation Ceremony and of course we wanted to attend.
But unfortunately it was very cold and there was snow too, so that made a little dificult to go out, i had plan to take lots of pictures, but because of the cold wether i was a bit discouraged to do it, but i still manage to take some Pictures, so here are some of my favorites Photos enjoy it! tchau

So we had to go last week to Saarburg to do some personal things, and of course we had to explore the place a bit and i have to say i was really surprised!
The place is beautiful and is only 4 or 5 stops from our station Konz.
I defenitly have to go back there again...
So i've decided to do some HDR pictures of it cause was a cloudy day and i think the photos look better this way. Enjoy Tchau

I'm experimenting HDR - High Dynamic Range Photos, it's really interesting the effects that gives to the pictures.
So keep tune for some more. Tchau

Last friday i started my German language Course which is held in a biulding just the opposite of the Dom, so after my class was over i decided to go inside and take some pictures of it, so enjoy but there is more to come. Tchau

Back in december 2009 i visited Cochem so here are some more pictures that i took while going up to the Castle , some of the details of the Castle, hope you enjoy. Tchau

I just feel so privileged and Lucky to be living in such a Beautiful Country, I'm looking forward to this New year and hope to share some more pictures with you guys. Tchau


Altensteig is the town that my in-Laws live in the famous Black forest.
This year for the first time we got to spend Christmas with then and some of Ansgar's siblings
it was very good and the food was great but my favorite part was the cookies that my mother in-Law baked.
Well here are some pictures that i took while over there and there is more to come. Tchau

And then snowed little bit more
This day the sky was Beautiful
But then started to get a bit warmer and some of the snow melted
When we arrived over there it was snowing...

There are more pictures to come, i had such a great experience, i have seeing other Castles before but this time was especial because i got to see a play of the Nativity with in the Castle and it was amazing even tough was in German and i didn't understand anything, but we all know the story, right?
Thanks to my husband i had a wonderful time.

This is located in Trier the oldest city in Germany.