Still Photography

Yesterday while walking to the shop i saw those pink little berries and i was amazed by the color, i love pink so i had to take a picture so here you go. Tchau Tchau

The other day i went to the store and saw these cherries, they looked so fresh and delicious

i had to buy some, and as i like to experiment with fruit photography he is it the results. Tchau

Our Strawberry season has arrived!!
Henrique loves Strawberry so we've got have it frozen or fresh.
So So the other day i bought some and decide to do one of my photography experiments.
But look who attacked my photo shoot ahaha Henrique couldn't hold him self back, so shortly after that i had to stop cause he wanted to bite on the strawberries :-) well enjoy the photos. Tchau

Here are some close up shots that i've collected over the few the months, i have lots more to share another day. Tchau

I'm trying to figure out the functions of my camera, so i'm doing a lot of experiments, so here are the strawberry and Kiwi experiment! tchau